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I'm a UX professional with over 25 years experience in start-ups, mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

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About Me

As a User Experience leader for start-ups, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations, I've authored, designed and established UI frameworks + design pattern libraries for mobile applications, business-to-business websites and enterprise software applications.

As a core member of global UX teams I have managed and mentored visual designers, UI developers and interaction designers. My background in both the creative and technical aspects of visual language systems has proven to be a valuable asset in establishing productive cross-functional team partnerships.

When I'm not working at what I love to do, I'm spending time with my family, studying Russian, and keeping my fine art skills alive. You can see some of this on my Dribbble page.


User Experience

I have participated in the creation of transformational digital products, experiences and insights. I've helped organizations reinvent significant aspects of their business – from the experience they provide their customers, to the tools used to streamline operations, to the products they bring to market, to the ways their workforce stays connected. At the core of these transformations has been a systematic approach to user research; its proper execution and its thorough, thoughtful interpretation.

Visual Language Systems

I believe beautiful, elegant experiences that delight users and compel them to return is a key to successful UX. Additionally, those experiences need to be simple, unobtrusive, and place the emphasis squarely on clear and straightforward interactions. I have produced well-documented visual language systems based upon extensive design explorations. These systems take the form of design pattern libraries, component libraries and specifications documents - all meant to enable a seamless transition from mockups to semantic code that remains true to the UX vision.

Front-End Development

I believe that user experience should own front-end development. A thoughtfully crafted visual language will ultimately fail unless it's implemented with equal care, precision and adherence to detail. Both are two sides of the same coin! I have always taken part in front-end development efforts. This gives me additional insight during the visual design process, and enhances collaboration with development teams.

Brand Development

I believe a successful brand accurately expresses a company's personality, and establishes a unique presence in the company's market. I have been involved in brand development programs for small business and Fortune 500 corporations. I think this experience gives me a deeper perspective in understanding how user experience is integral to a company's brand presence.

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